“TEC Reset” gets a shoutout on the View Source podcast!

Last week, I wrote about a long-time personal project I’ve worked on and wanted to share. It improves the integration between the The Events Calendar WordPress plugin and any WordPress theme (like all the ones I build for my clients).

Apparently, that work and the thinking behind it resonated with some folks!

Thanks to Aurooba and Brian from the View Source podcast for mentioning the project and linking to it in the show notes! I was walking my dog after dropping the kids off at daycare when suddenly they started talking about “MRW”, and I was not expecting that.

Their brief conversation about the project starts at 8:00 in Season 1, Episode 20. (That link should pull up the player right at the 8-minute mark. Nice feature!)

I’ve known Aurooba and Brian by reputation and the occasional DM over the years, and am grateful for all the thinking they do out in public on their podcast. As a freelancer, it is always hard to have perspective on the quality and direction of the work I do and the way I do it. Being able to hear people in similar positions is so helpful!

Like I said last week, I really hope that the code I share is useful to lots of people and also pushes the WordPress project forward in some of the ways I advocated for last year. There are still a lot of areas where WordPress could make core-plugin-theme interoperability easier and more robust. There’s a reason the issue I filed is the one with the most ❤s in the Gutenberg repository!

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