I Got Interviewed About Social Media [link]

Two overlapping talking bubbles in the form of a venn diagram.If you regularly read this blog, you know that a group I helped start in college, the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell, was nominated for an award from the White House for their local microloan program in Iowa. (They finished third and head to Washington DC next week!)

I helped them build a website, and I also helped them with their social media campaign to gather votes for the initiative. I’m not a social media expert, but I got a lot of experience helping with this campaign.

Dan McCue, a Grinnell-based social media consultant, talked to me about what the lessons I learned from the week-long online sprint to gather votes. Among other topics, we discussed:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and email;
  • Kevin Bacon;
  • Malcolm Gladwell’s views on social media; and
  • the importance of being direct.

Read “Interview: Mark Root-Wiley, Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell”

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