Screen Options: Little known. Greatly needed. [video]

If you’re a WordPress user, read this post.

“Screen Options” let you control customizations to many pages in the WordPress administrative interface. Unfortunately, the way you change these is a little confusing unless you know where to look. Here’s a good video giving you a very quick overview.

A Quick List of Useful Options

As the narrator says, the options on each page change based on where you are in the admin interface and what plugins you have.

Here’s a list of pages that have particularly useful screen options


  • I mostly use these options to hide spammy widgets installed by plugins.

“Add New Page” or “Add New Post”

  • If your theme supports “Featured Images,” you may have to display the widget that lets you set it. You can also hide Categories, Tags, or Excerpts if you don’t use those features.

“Appearance” > “Menus”

  • By default, you can only add a few types of menu items to your menu, but the Menus Screen Options let you add Posts, Categories, Tags, and more to your menu.

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