Passionate Teaching [quote]

So much of getting people to care about a subject is conveying your own passion.

I’m a big fan of blog on The Atlantic. He’s probably the most reflective writer I read regularly. In “The Art of the College Lecture,” he blogged about his recent experiences teaching writing at MIT. Yes. Writing…at MIT.

And that quote above explains how. It reminds me of the advice I received and should have followed more in college: pick your courses based on the professor more than the subject because a good professor can make any subject interesting.

I think it beautifully captures an idea that I try to bring to my work and trainings in particular. If I can convey my passion for the things I care about most—usability, accessibility, visitor-driven decision-making—most people will buy in.

In a week, I’ll be leading three three-hour trainings with 5-7 people each. Of course the content matters—people need to learn how to update their sites, of course—but conveying my passion matters as much or more. I succeed when my clients buy in and get excited about improving their websites.


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