Nielsen Norman Group on Dealing with “Bad” Design Ideas

The Nielsen Norman Group article on handling design feedback is jam-packed with great information. It’s compact, stuffed with implementable ideas, and uses great examples to help you understand how to redirect “bad” design ideas into productive observations.

Key tips include:

  • Gathering feedback early (it’s their last tip but my personal favorite strategy)
  • Identifying the underlying observations and goals (very much in line with my advice on collaborating by embracing the expertise of others)
  • Listening to people’s design feedback, no matter how bad you think it is

No matter how good a designer someone is, they can’t know everything or understand every perspective. That makes design feedback crucial, even if it’s the source of endless client “horror stories.” It’s just as bad to be completely shut-off to suggestions and aloof of the project needs like my favorite Missing Cat flier designer.

I’ll leave it with a closing passage from the article:

…diversity of “design help” will be a valuable asset if you communicate with your collaborators in order to educate them and channel their strengths. The most effective UX designers include many people in their design process.

Go read the whole thing!

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