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Seattle, WA
Launch Date:
January 25, 2021
  • Custom WordPress Features
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Donation System
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
  • Training

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EarthGen home page on large screen
EarthGen Home page on small screen

After providing maintenance and support to Washington Green Schools for years, it was exciting to learn they planned to expand and strengthen their vision with a new name and look. Having started as a program of Washington state, the independent nonprofit EarthGen now offers a rich set of environmental science programs, training, and materials for Washington State educators and students.

In-depth planning work on the website started well before the new name was chosen. To prepare as much as possible, we conducted in-depth staff interviews, a full-site content audit, and competitor design analysis. The result was a comprehensive design, functionality, and content plan for the new site.

Working with Mark was a wonderfully collaborative experience. The knowledge and expertise he brought to the project, especially around user experience and accessibility, made the site more robust.

Kailyn Wentz, EarthGen Communications Manager

Once their new name and branding (developed by Northbound) were ready, MRW Web Design immediately set about translating their brand to a website. The resulting WordPress site is functional, easy-to-use, engaging, and accessible.

Using a heavily customized WordPress block editor, EarthGen’s communications staff can build unique page layouts that never stray from the brand:

Edit screen for the School Certification page looks very similar to the visitor-facing page.
The WordPress block editor uses the colors, design elements, and layouts for the site, making editing easier and more confident.

The new website helps educators, administrators, and school community members understand and find the EarthGen programs that can help them most. Whether through easy-to-find events, inspiring stories of student and school transformation, or digestible overviews of educational programs and materials, the new EarthGen website welcomes visitors and helps them combat climate change and grow into informed environmental citizens.