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BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington State

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Washington State
Launch Date:
November 3, 2021
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Features
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Front-End Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
  • Training

Visit the BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington State website

The full home page of the BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington website on a large screen
BIPOC EDs Home Page on a phone-size screen

The BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington State was founded in 2020 with a dual mission:

  • to support the BIPOC leaders of nonprofits in Washington state that provide critical services to their communities
  • to advocate for more equitable funding of nonprofits.

In their own words:

The BIPOC ED Coalition is a multicultural, cross-sector collaborative of 200+ Black, Indigenous, and People of Color nonprofit leaders working in solidarity to promote wellness and restore resources in our communities.

After the Coalition worked closely with Pyramid Communications to design their logo, brand, and communications strategies, MRW Web Design provided in-depth design and development services to redesign the coalition’s website.

Provided with a vibrant brand guide from Pyramid, the new website design put those styles to use in a highly usable, accessible, and editor-friendly format. The WordPress site took great advantage of the block editor to make unique and engaging text styles and photo graphics easy to create and edit.

When combined, the resulting pages throughout the site package beautiful imagery, engaging graphics, and powerful language to compellingly support the work of the organization:

"Healing & Wellness" page on the BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington website

Behind the scenes, the website also greatly streamlined the work of site editors. Customized news and event management features helped editors easily maintain the site with much less effort than before.

Beyond the site management, new web forms built directly on the site—contact, funder pledge, open letter, job application, etc.—replaced a variety of 3rd-party tools. By integrating forms directly on the site, the forms use the correct branding, are more user-friendly, and drastically simplify adding newsletter subscribers and approving new signers of the organization’s open letter to funders.

Thanks to the collective efforts of Pyramid, the four co-founders, and MRW Web Design, the new website for the BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington State is ready to grow with the organization and support building a statewide network of EDs and funders working to build a more just and equitable society.