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About the Icon

Two overlapping talking bubbles in the form of a venn diagram.

It’s at the bottom of every page, and it takes center stage on the “Services” page.

I designed this icon to represent my work style and my beliefs about what makes a website project successful. In a word: “collaboration.” It’s the overlap in the Venn diagram. It’s the common ground. It’s two sets of “What if’s?” or “How about’s?” coalescing into one “Let’s do!”

When starting a project, I bring my technical abilities, my experience working with diverse clients, and my knowledge of website best practices. My clients bring their knowledge of their organization, their audiences’ desires, and their “vision” of their future site.

Each party brings a wealth of ideas, and neither could make a quality website without the other. At its best, a website is the technical distillation of a set of information that is useful and interesting to the intended audience. That is what I strive for in my work every day.