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Web accessibility makes websites better for everyone including people with disabilities.

Four Big Buckets of Web Accessibility

  • Visual
  • Hearing
  • Motor
  • Cognitive

Some folks use special technology to access your website!

Such as …

“Sip & Puff” Joysticks

Watch this demo video!

Refreshable Braille Display

(Image Source: "Braille technology opens up a world of content")

Screen Reader Software (Touch and Desktop)

(Image Source: Intro to iOS accessbility features)

Some Key Accessibility Problems to Avoid

Low Contrast

Small Font Size

Language that is too complex—or you might say inordinately loquacious; which is to say that it uses unnecessarily complex words, sentences, and paragraphs, confusing the most reader who have probably lost interest by this point in the sentence and is anyone even reading this any more oh hey look at me I'm over here talking to you!

Unclear link text.

And many more issues.

Let's start paying more attention!

Don't Forget the Big Secret

Accessible Websites
Better Websites

One Great Tool for Testing: tota11y

tota11y (pronounced 'totally')

How to Install tota11y

From the tota11y website home page, scroll down to the Installation section and add the tota11y link as a bookmark.

Let's try it out!

Who wants to start testing their website right now?

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tota11y – Easy testing tool

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