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From start to finish, Mark worked with our vision for a website, guiding us through the process and making recommendations to build the best possible site within our budget constraints. We appreciated Mark's professionalism, his patience, knowledge, judgment, and attention to detail. Within one day of launching, we heard from a former web designer praising the website for having achieved a "look, tone, and message matching the need perfectly," and calling Mark's work "very impressive." We couldn't be happier with the result.

Barbara Hainley
Baby Bank of Seattle

I enjoyed working with Mark and really appreciated his approach – specifically, the thoughtful attention to the planning phase, settling on the architecture before we started building, and his ability and skill at finding a balance between hearing our needs and goals and inserting his expertise and opinions. I’ve learned so much through the process and am very happy with the end result.

Kelly Starr
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Responsive, breaks complicated information down so it's understandable, provides great training and coaching, seemed to understand what we wanted in terms of website design and delivered it with excellence. I appreciate his attentiveness to us on the maintenance plan -- when I have had questions he responds immediately and tries to make sure to close the loop on any interaction. Totally excellent service on all levels.

Really, the only thing Mark could do better would be to branch out and provide excellent all around IT services. If our IT support were even 1/2 as effective as Mark, we would be in great shape!

Kay Treakle
The Harder Foundation

I have recommended Mark as someone who is accessible, affordable and does high quality work.

Jodi Nishioka

Excellent service with excellent communication, relations, and technical knowledge. I am certain my blog would not be as easy to use without your help.

Mary Jean Harford
Make Dinner Matter

Mark possesses a unique combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills, which is particularly valuable for helping a not-so-technically-inclined client like me navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Mark made me feel like every question was a good one, every idea worth exploring. He took my vision and lengthy wish list—gathered from a network of 11 affiliates and key stakeholders—and distilled them into a fresh, easy-to-use multisite website that met everybody’s needs and is actually enjoyable to manage!

No matter the challenge, Mark was professional, meticulous and unflappable. He made the process of designing and developing 12 websites smoother than I ever could have imagined. On a scale of one to 10, Mark is an 11!

Anita Cech
Communities In Schools of Washington

I knew I needed a website but had no idea how to go about getting one. Mark was a god-send, helping me through the whole process, inspiring me at some points, praising me at others, and chiding me into taking the difficult task of entering and editing my own text. Now I have a site I'm very proud of, and I know how to take care of it. Who wouldn't want to work with someone who could do that for you? Thank you Mark!

Kent Redford
Archipelago Consulting

"It was such a pleasure to work with Mark on He took all of my ideas and made them happen. There was a lot of work to do and the schedule was tight. He communicates well on a project and gets the job done on time. Mark is now an important part of my team."

Kathi 'george' Wheeler
Noise w/o Sound

"With the challenging task of creating Mmofra Foundation's website from scratch, we were very grateful for Mark's professional expertise and support! He went beyond the mechanics of web development, taking a holistic view of our nonprofit mission and translating it for a global online audience. We highly recommend MRW Web Design, and hope to work with Mark again in the future!"

Amowi and Rachel Phillips
Mmofra Foundation

"Mark brought a level of professionalism to my project that not only made me feel comfortable as a client, but produced a better product than I had envisioned going into the relationship. I came to Mark with some broad ideas and suggestions, and he took those, understood them, built on them, and fed them back to me in a way I couldn't have articulated (or conceptualized) on my own. He went above and beyond what I asked him to do, and you can see the results of his commitment with the site."

Jeff Raderstrong

Mark is a pleasure to work with. Not only does he possess outstanding technical and design skills, he has the ability to communicate clearly with clients so that everyone is on the same page and he understands what they really need.

Mark did a fantastic job designing the WordCamp Seattle website. (I was one of the conference organizers.) We got many compliments on the site - and for good reason. It helped make the conference a sold-out success.

Mark's affable, even-keeled temperament sets him apart as a designer and a businessman. I have seen him give presentations to large groups. He knows how to listen, and he doesn't let persistent or frustrated questions from the audience get under his skin.

I have recommended Mark on a number of occasions and I will do so again whenever I get the chance.

Mark McClaren,
WordCamp Seattle 2011

"Mark Root-Wiley is a great community guy and a phenomenal resource for your nonprofit or small business website. He is somewhat of a unique breed of web developer who has an overwhelming passion and interest in his community as well as a deep understanding of web technologies and the impact they can have on your audience. He's personable, collaborative, and is able to simplify the complex in a seemingly effortless manner. I highly recommend consulting with Mark on your next web project."

Justin Knechtel
Small Potatoes

"Mark is one of the best workers I have ever supervised. What he knows, he knows well and in depth, and what he does not know he is fast to learn, share and implement. He has an amazing ability to keep the big picture in mind while meticulously and, when needed, heroically performing his day-to-day duties no matter how stressful or routine they are. I highly recommend Mark as a coworker, for any projects, big or a small. What's more, he can be trusted with managing big projects on his own. His work ethic and interpersonal skills are exceptional as well."

Leonya Ivanov
Grinnell College